The Silent Age – Blowing price drop between now and New Year’s Eve!

It’s Christmas! The Silent Age office is strangely quiet and empty, as all of us have returned to our families to make moustached snowmen and to wear pointy red hats.

In the true spirit of Christmas, we have lowered the price on Episode Two between now and New Year’s Eve! That’s a mind blowing 40% price drop!.

Denmark: DKK 32.00 now DKK 19.00
Finland: Euro 4.49 now Euro 2.69  
Norway: NRK 35.00 now NRK 21.00
Sweden: SEK 38.00 now SEK 22.00 

So now would be a great time to get Episode Two if you haven’t already.  If you do, why not recommend the game to a friend – or maybe to that uncle you only see once a year on Christmas Eve? After all, is there any better way to spend a Christmas vacation than diving into a depressive post-apocalyptic mystery in which all of mankind has become extinct?

Merry Christmas!
The Silent Age Team

Act two of Operation Cold Peak is here

Prepare for deadly deception in the new Warface “Ambush” Co-op map (and a bit of festive season)

Nordics, 2014.12.18 – Warface players can now delve deeper into Blackwood’s Siberian stronghold as the latest map in a new winter setting arrives today.

The second level in the Operation Cold Peak update, “Ambush” challenges teams to storm a ruined castle and then hold strong when their mission turns out to be a deadly trap. With the enemy closing in, players will have to risk it all as they work together to build defenses around their position whilst holding off wave after wave of attackers. If they do make it out of the castle in one piece, the appearance of a menacing Blackwood helicopter on the horizon will initiate the next nerve-racking showdown. Team Warface is cornered, massively outnumbered, and a long way from home – but in the midst of these snow-bound mountains, it is perhaps Mother Nature that will spring the ultimate surprise.

Ambush follows on from the “Spearhead” map in Operation Cold Peak – a new string of missions that brings winter to Warface and provides the starkest of tests for experienced players.

Also coming to Warface as part of today’s update is a sackful of festive content and a series of special gifts for players. Every day between now and December 25th, players who log in to Warface will find their inventories boosted with everything from bonus Warface Dollars to quirky Christmas outfits and Yuletide weapons. On top of these giveaways, two new items have been added to the shop – namely a Christmas Gift Box which doubles as a devious directional mine, and the Christmas Firecracker; a powerful pistol which resembles a Christmas cracker but goes off with a significantly bigger bang! Once players are suited, booted and armed to the teeth, the Versus Hangar map – now once again completely revamped in honor of the holidays – is the perfect place to spread some seasonal fear.

Join the festivities and be a part of the winter warfare at


Et puzzle game som grafisk novelle

Danmark og Norge 2014.12.17 – I Heartbeats spiller du dig igennem en science fiction historie om en unik gammel mand, der ser tilbage på et ganske særligt liv, mens det ramler for hans øjne. Formatet er en ny digital oplevelse, som vi kalder et graphic puzzle – et digitalt miks mellem et puzzle-game og grafisk novelle.

Spillet udkommer til iphone i App Store onsdag d. 17. dec. 2014.

Heartbeats er et spil for relativt hardcore puzzle gamere. Spillet er kort og stramt, men udfordringerne er svære på old

school-måden. Du bliver fuldt udfordret, men det opsluger ikke hele dit liv.


Du får de første tre baner gratis, hvorefter du skal betale i alt 7 kr. for de resterende 10 baner i spillet.

Musik og lyd:
Der er ikke musik eller lyd i Heartbeats. Vi har besluttet os for at prøve noget nyt. Det er inspireret af læseoplevelser, hvor du sætter et godt album på (eller Spotify), du sætter dig ned og fordyber dig en god bog.

Vi har spurgt en række mennesker, der ved noget om god musik, læsning og grafisk udtryk om de vil skabe en spotify- playliste, de synes passer til Heartbeats. Vi præsenterer playlisterne via Heartbeats, og du kan afspille dem i din egen spotify-app, mens du spiller spillet. 

Graphic puzzle:
Et graphic puzzle er et digitalt mix mellem en grafisk novelle og et puzzle-game. Det skal være grundlagt på de tre følgende dogmer:

1. Hver side er et puzzle, der åbner den følgende side.

2. Alle puzzles skal fortælle en del af historien.

3. Tekst og illustration skal være en del af spillets puzzles.

Med Heartbeats – det første graphic puzzle af sin art – vil vi vise en ny og simpel måde at sammensmelte livlig historiefortælling med spilkvalitet. Selvom Heartbeats har en kort fortælling, synes vi at det lever op til den ambition. Alle elementerne i spillet har et meningsfyldt formål, som medskaber af oplevelse og forståelse af historien. Om det er grafik, teksts, spilmekanikker, interaction eller puzzle- design, så bærer de hver især sin unikke betydning og udtryk med sig.

Held og lykke med spillet og mange tak for din interesse!

Du kan hente spillet her for iTunes Danmark and iTunes Norge.

Kamila Slocinska – Unik, kritisk respekteret og prisvindende illustrator bag det visuelle udtryk i Heartbeats.

Boris Hansen – Programmør og kritisk anderkendt, samt prisvindende dansk forfatter bag både teknik og historie i Heartbeats.

Esben Kjær Ravn – Ejer, grundlægger og daglig leder af produktionsselskabet bag Heartbeats Kong Orange, samt designer og producer på Heartbeats.


Warface Update Brings First Siberia Map into Play Today

Spearhead a new battle against Blackwood!

Frankfurt am Main (Germany) December 4, 2014 – Fight on a new front and discover fresh combat possibilities as the first map in the Operation Cold Peak Co-op setting comes to Crytek’s Warface today. 

The “Spearhead” map introduces new enemies, new tactical options and intense winter warfare to Crytek’s free first-person online shooter for PC. Acting as the gateway to Blackwood’s Siberian stronghold, Spearhead throws experienced players straight in at the deep end as they attempt to secure a central position on the map and recover classified intel from the enemy’s network.

To complete their mission, players will have to fend off waves of attackers dropped into the area by combat helicopter. For the first time, some Blackwood operatives will come equipped with jet packs, providing a new challenge for Warface Riflemen, Snipers, Medics and Engineers as they team up and try to survive. Also new to Spearhead is the possibility for players to complete secondary objectives that will earn them in-game currency – which can then be spent in real-time to deploy mines, build barriers and set traps that will help them to hold their position. Balancing their need for resources with the necessity of taking cover makes for nerve-wracking action every time players tackle Spearhead.

Spearhead is the first of three new maps coming to Warface as part of Operation Cold Peak. The second and third additions – Ambush and Zenith – are coming soon, and will challenge players to escape a deadly deception and bring the curtain down on Blackwood’s Siberian schemes.

Take a closer look at Operation Cold Peak right now in our brand new launch trailer for the setting, and download Warface for free from Life is a school of probability

FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn Art Book Launches Today


LONDON (1st December, 2014) – From today, FINAL FANTASY XIV®: A Realm Reborn™ fans and adventurers can immerse themselves in the beauty of Eorzea in the new ‘The Art of Eorzea – Another Dawn’ art book, available to purchase now via the Square Enix Ltd., Online Store!

Making its debut at the FINAL FANTASY® XIV FAN FESTIVAL in London last month, “The Art of Eorzea – Another Dawn” show-cases the graphical and artistic beauty of Eorzea, its inhabitants, threats and more –  in a collection of over 1,000 illustrations, sketches and bonus art across 304 stunning, full-colour pages. The art book also features both Japanese and English text written by FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn artists themselves.

“The Art of Eorzea – Another Dawn” art book is available to order now via the Square Enix Online Store at: Each copy of the art book also comes with a special in-game bonus item – the “Model Enterprise” minion (including miniature Cid!).  

FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn is an online game offering players the chance to be part of an epic and ever-changing universe as you adventure and explore with friends from around the world. Experience all the hallmarks of the best-selling FINAL FANTASY franchise – airships, chocobos, moogles, and more!

FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn “Game of the Year” edition is available now for PC. To purchase, and for more information, please visit: