Claim New Territory as a Huge Update Brings “Operation Endless Skies” and More to Warface

Enter Africa and eliminate the enemy in five diverse new Co-op maps


Prepare to engage the enemy on a boundless battleground in “Operation Endless Skies”- a stunning new set of Co-op missions that transports players to Africa in Crytek’s free online shooter, Warface.

Operation Endless Skies brings five brand new maps to Warface, each one offering unique gameplay challenges and a distinctive visual style inspired by the landscapes of the African continent. Players will battle beneath the blazing sun as they lock horns with Blackwood across canyons, jungles, and spectacular structures – and discover a wealth of additional content and gameplay improvements that also come to Warface as part of today’s update. 

Accessible for newcomers and challenging for veterans, Operation Endless Skies is the most expansive Warface Co-op setting to date. Hit the coast and stalk the enemy through a grounded cargo ship in “Overboard”; fight to survive the hidden dangers of “Jungle Law”; take to higher ground in “Deadly Dam”; infiltrate a hidden lab in “Hollow Science”; and enter an ancient theater of war in “Coliseum”. No matter which map players tackle, crushing Blackwood’s operations will depend on tactical teamwork and the ability to adapt to the wealth of new missions on offer.

In addition to the mass of gameplay possibilities introduced by Operation Endless Skies, today’s update also brings an all-new Capture the Flag Versus map to Warface. Titled “Breach”, the map invites defending teams to fortify a warehouse and fend off rival players attempting to blast their way in with C4. As defensive barricades are blown apart and smoke begins to fill the building, both sides will have to keep their cool as they struggle for possession of a precious brief case. 

Also new today is an updated version of the Safe House – a place where players can enjoy some target practice before hitting the front line. And while they’re getting ready for action, soldiers may also want to hit the shop and get hold of three deadly new weapons and four futuristic armor vests that add extra durability and style in battle. 

Sign up to play Warface for free at today, and join the growing community of players battling in explosive team-based Co-op and Versus action. 

About Warface
Warface is a team-based shooter crammed with cooperative and competitive action, stacks of game modes and a wealth of weapons for players to get their hands on. Gamers can choose to play as Riflemen, Medics, Snipers or Engineers as they work together and attempt to uproot the Blackwood military faction in Co-op play, or choose their side and lock horns with fellow players in Versus battles. Download the game from or via Steam today – completely for free.


Find out how your average Joe deals with a post-apocalyptic journey through 

time and space in this point-and-click adventure game



Copenhagen, Denmark – April 23, 2015 – House on Fire, publisher and developer of the award winning mobile game The Silent Age, announced today that the The Silent Age, is available now on Windows Phone as a complete experience for $4.99.


Download The Silent Age launch trailer HERE:

and the screens and logo here 


View The Silent Age launch trailer HERE:


“I’m very excited to finally launch The Silent Age on Windows Phone” said Uni Dahl, CEO of House on Fire. “Windows Phone has been the most requested platform since we launched the game, and it has been a joy to adapt the game and make sure the experience is just right.”


The Silent Age takes players on an adventurous journey into a dystopian future where mankind has gone extinct! Travel through time between the iconic 70’s and a desolate present day haunted by silence. The Silent Age is an atmospheric point-and-click adventure game with an eerie soundtrack and stylistic visuals that will keep you in suspense as you solve mind-bending puzzles.

The Silent Age Key Features

– Over 100 highly detailed locations

– 10 unique chapters

– Optimized for touch devices

– Engaging characters and story

– New bone animation system

– New shadows and reflection system


The Silent Age is available now on Windows Phone and Windows Store for $4.99. If you’re interested in reviewing the game or would like a developer interview, please contact Uni Dahl ([email protected] ). 

To learn more about The Silent Age, please visit


Expanded PvP, New Warframe available for Console Players

Digital Extremes’ Warframe continues to grow on the PlayStation4 and Xbox One with its largest content update yet this year.

This exciting new update — Sanctuary — brings plentynew gameplay, new weapons, a new Warframe and more to console players. Players can get familiar with the new Chroma Warframe, do honorable battle with fellow Tenno in PvP 2.0 or take on a mysterious Quest.

Primary highlights of the update include:

NEW WARFRAME – A master of the deadly elements, Chroma can alter his damage output by changing his coloring.
See Chroma in action here:

CONCLAVES 2.0 – Take on your fellow Tenno in a game of Cephalon Capture, try your hand at three new maps, conquer a variety of challenges and explore the exciting changes to the PvP Game Mode with PvP 2.0! Teshin, your new PvP guide, and the Conclave Syndicate have established their presence in the Relay. Syndicate rewards await for Tenno who compete in the Conclave, studying under Teshin’s Sigil.

NEW QUEST – THE NEW STRANGE: Work with Cephalon Simaris to find the source of a mysterious voice. Something is out there, and it is hunting. Work with Simaris to track it down and discover its true nature.

NEW TENNO REINFORCEMENTS – Load your Arsenal with these powerful new additions: 
KOHMAK: Like the larger Kohm, this hand-shotgun doubles its volley with each successive shot.
RIPKAS: Tear the enemy down with these motorized saw fists.

NEW RELAY ROOM – Explore the Sanctuary and visit Cephalon Simaris. Track down unique targets to scan in a Codex shared by Tenno throughout the Solar System, and help unlock exciting new lore and Syndicate rewards.

NEW ENEMY – Designed by the Warframe community, a new enemy arrives. Dashing in for quick strikes before falling back to the shadows, the Grineer Manic is difficult to catch and deadly to ignore.

PlayStation®4 and Xbox One players can download the Sanctuary Update today! This update is also available for PC players. To learn more about Warframe, download the game and join the community — visit the official website at

Open Beta Begins as Hounds: The Last Hope is Greenlit on Steam

Players can now fight for the cause in Netmarble EMEA’s first global PC multiplayer shooter


Copenhagen, Denmark – April 17, 2015 – Netmarble EMEA has now launched the Open Beta to its first global release, Hounds: The Last Hope, as well as having been Greenlit on Steam with over 4,000 votes in only seven days.

To celebrate the beginning of Open Beta, download the brand new Hounds: The Last Hope CGI trailer:

The fast-paced multiplayer shooter for PC is available for players to get their hands on after a successful Closed Beta. Players can expect compelling PVE and PVP modes, with alien zombie attacks in an in-depth story mode and fun and frantic multiplayer.

Players will be able to customise up to one of four classes; Assault, Tech, Specialist and Support, whilst continually evolving each class with multiple weaponry upgrades and experiences over time. Additional features such as Auction House, Item Enhancement, Clan System, Trading and Rankings can also be found as players encounter hordes of zombie enemies.

“After observing a successful Closed Beta and having received informative feedback, we look forward to our Open Beta,” said Ozan Aydemir, Global Marketing Director, Netmarble EMEA. “The Open Beta will help us to make continuous improvements and tailor the game to what the community would like to see, whilst still allowing players to experience the game until officially launched, later this year.”

Ozan Aydemir continued, “We’re also delighted with Hounds: The Last Hope being Greenlit on Steam in such a short period of time. We’ve seen the Steam and Hounds community vote in great numbers with the majority of people voting ‘Yes’ for our game. Having seen other games being voted by much less, this shows how popular Hounds has been globally as well as Europe with 65 different countries viewing our Steam page.”

Kevin E. West giver tips til interesserede og opkommende skuespillere ved A Date With Hollywood

Mød Kevin E. West ved arrangementet A Date With Hollywood i Stockholm Sverige. Med over 50 krediteringer fra kærlighed til komedie til action, er Kevin E. West en af Nordens mest kendte internationale film og TV ansigter. Hans portfolio er fyldt med spændende titler fra Hollywood som Criminal Minds, Bones, Castle, Touch, CSI: Miami, Justified, Leverage, Lost, 24, Desperate Housewives, NCIS, Alias, CSI, X Files, Melrose Place, The Young and the Restless, Glamour, Santa Barbara, The Texas Cheerleader Story, Matlock med mere.


Han, og fire andre panelmedlemmer, vil give gode råd, tips og dele deres erfaring med tilskuerne. Hvis du har den mindste hang til film og serier eller er interesseret i at vide mere om hvad det kræver for at blive til noget i Hollywood, så skal du til Stockholm og opleve A Date With Hollywood.


Øvrige panelmedlemmer er:

Ruth Bornhauser, Eric Williams samt Jami Rudofsky

Moderator: Christian Magdu


Kompetencelisten af panelet fagner vidt, da det ud over skuespillerfaget også dækker castere, managere, manuskriptforfattere og instruktører. Blandt andet arbejder Ruth Bornhauser i Sanders Armstrong Caserta Management som håndtere danske Ulrich Thomsen og Thure Lindhardt.


Tid og sted: 24. april 2015 18:30-23:30 Bio Victor, Filmhuset Stockholm.

Billet for A Date With Hollywood kan købes her: – Tel: +46 77 14 77 070

Pris 549 DKK* eller 695 SEK

Pris udregnet fra SEK 2015.04.08 ved kurs 1 SEK: 0.8 DKK


Arrangørerne bag A Date With Hollywood har lavet en informativ hjemmeside. som du kan læse her EN SV.


Kort bio af det internationale panel:

Ruth Bornhauser

Talent og skuespiller manager hos Sanders Armstrong Caserta Management.

Har klienter som Ulrich Thomsen, Thure Lindhardt, Malin Åkerman, Michael Sheen og Janina Gavankar.


Eric Williams

Screenwriters og instruktør, samt manager hos Zero Gravity Management.

Klientliste indeholder navne som Clive Barker, Mårlind & Stein and Bill Dubuque.


Jami Rudofsky

Casting Director for TV og Film.

Har arbejdet med projekter som “Gilmore Girls”, Showtime’s ”Masters of Sex” samt kommende “Cocaine Cowboys”.


Kevin E. West

Kendt veteran Hollywood skuespiller med over 50 krediteringer fra TV og film på hans resumé: Criminal Minds, Bones, Castle, Touch, CSI: Miami, Justified, Leverage, Lost, 24, Desperate Housewives, NCIS, Alias, CSI, X Files, Melrose Place, The Young and the Restless, Glamour, Santa Barbara, The Texas Cheerleader Story, Matlock samt mange mange flere.


Christian Magdu (moderator for panel).

Television Academy (Emmy) medlem, SAG-AFTRA. ”Starring Maja”, “Beck”, “Easy to Assemble” og mere.

Dominate the enemy and prove Your fighting fortitude in two new Warface game modes

Nordic, April 2015 – Get set for a double dose of fresh shooter action as two brand new game modes come to Crytek’s free online FPS, Warface, today. 

In the fast and furious Domination Versus Mode, players will scrap to fend off the enemy team and hold down three different positions on the map. Securing each of those strategic points for a set period of time will put players on the path to victory, but with every second that passes the mounting pressure will ensure only those who can work together will survive. For the debut of Domination Mode, players will compete on the newly-launched SubZero Versus map; which invites them to return to the ice-locked mountains of Siberia as they battle for supremacy.  

Adding to the exciting addition of Domination Mode, today also sees the arrival of the Marathon Survival Mode in Warface. Bringing together the three original maps from the game’s Siberia setting, Marathon Mode challenges players to outlast and outgun the enemy as they tackle the Operation Cold Peak Co-op campaign in the form of one continuous level. 

Operation Cold Peak’s three individual acts – Spearhead, Ambush and Zenith – have already been pushing hardened veterans to their limits as they team up and brave hostile territory together. The introduction of Marathon Mode ramps the adversity to a whole new level by merging the diverse and deadly challenges of each snow-bound environment. 

In Spearhead, players will have to fight off waves of incoming Blackwood operatives as they attempt to hack into a console and snatch precious enemy intel. Ambush heightens the tension with more back-to-the-wall combat and a boss battle that coincides with a deadly avalanche. Rounding off the campaign, Zenith features blockbuster action as teams take to the trenches and build towards a truly explosive finale.   

Players can test their mettle and fight to the finish in Domination Mode and Marathon Mode by signing up for a free Warface account today at

The Kave XTD 5.1 Analog makes its mark on April

The original Kave gets its highly anticipated analog successor in 2015

Nordic, 7 April 2015 – ROCCAT Studios, Germany’s game peripheral powerhouse adds a member to the Kave family with the ROCCAT Kave XTD 5.1 Analog, set to hit online stores and retailers this April.

The XTD 5.1 Analog brings true premium 5.1 surround sound headset technology to your gaming experience, with all of the bells, whistles and comfort features gamers have come to know and expect from a ROCCAT offering. The fully immersive, this Kave headset comes equipped with two 40mm driver units, a 30mm vibration unit in each ear cup, a dual-mode remote for highly efficient, time-saving audio control adjustment, and a convenient LED light-tipped mouthpiece that ensures you know when you’re on a live mic or muted. Inspired by the original Kave, the most successful true 5.1 gaming headset ever, we studied our original designs and analyzed gamer feedback to craft the 5.1 Analog’s features. We kept what worked, and made advances where we knew this new headset could shine. One of those advances, of course, was in sound clarity.

The Kave XTD 5.1 Analog blazes a new path in pure, high quality in-game audio. It’s the first
analog gaming headset to feature an interference isolator, a revolutionary technology that
provides zero noise interference. The electromagnetic interference most gamers simply accept as a part of gaming audio experiences is a thing of the past. The Kave XTD 5.1 Analog provides nothing but clean, crisp audio in full, high quality surround sound.

René Korte, CEO and founder of ROCCAT Studios effuses about the Kave XTD 5.1 Analog, “Not only is this headset a technically on-point peripheral in function, but the build is amazing. Looking at it, you’d never guess it was twenty five percent lighter than the original Kave. That’s an ultra-light build packed with features, and so easy to wear during long gaming sessions due to a bevy of comfort options. To us, quality is innovation, be it something nobody has ever thought of, to making something that everyone has seen feel like a new experience. That’s the Kave XTD 5.1 Analog. That’s ROCCAT philosophy in practice.”