Whether your interest is targeting the consumers or business segment, you will be in good hands with our structured and well coordinated work. Our personal relationship with editors, journalists, influencers and bloggers has been built up over the years, based on trust, respect and good dialogue. Our clients have already benefited from our expertise and seen their titles receiving focus they had only dreamed of. They have profited from our in-depth knowledge on how to promote games, events, esports, and cool game-experience enhancing gadgets. Every project we start on is handled with great attention and commitment, as our key focus is delivering successful results to our clients. We have worked with games, toys, film, series, documentaries, e-sport, robots, tech, gadgets, gaming peripherals, concerts, talents, events, sports brands and a lot more cool stuff. Everything that we care about and find interesting.  Our 5 key competencies:
  • Brand building & boosting awareness.
  • Social media management. 
  • Influencer and content creator marketing.
  • Event handling.
  • Reporting & market analysis.
PR Nordic is a branch of the The Full Service Agency


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