Kill for clicks

July 3, 2015
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July 3, 2015 PRNordic

New Danish game turns the clicker genre on its head


Denmark July 3rd, 2015  – Idle Games IVS has now released their free browser based game, Idle Killer, to the public.


The clicker genre is known to be therapeutic and relaxing, with almost nothing to do for the player but click and watch, and then click some more.


With Idle Killer the player gets a bit of strategy, morbid and dark humour as well as a story added to the incredibly popular genre.


Boatema is a battle hardened African female with one goal: In a quest for world domination she seeks to erradicate the competition. The story is told with the aid of gorgeous artwork made by some of the worlds best comic artists.


Idlekiller can be played for free on, there are no ads, nothing to buy for real money, just the game. Idle Games hope to make the free game a big enough succes, so they can deliver a sequel and a mobile port.