Nordic actors and producers will have the chance to workshop with Ruth Bornhauser

March 2, 2015
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March 2, 2015 PRNordic

Ruth Bornhauser – top manager from Hollywood

One of Hollywood’s top tier managers for actors, Ruth Bornhauser, will visit Scandinavia for the first time ever during A Date with Hollywood. Set at the Swedish Film Institute in Stockholm April 24th-25th, Ruth will be part of a unique inspirational panel with meet-and-greet and a full day workshop, accompanied by three other top names from the Hollywood film and television business. 


”I’m so excited to come to Stockholm to meet and inspire Scandinavian actors and filmmakers and share my knowledge and insights from the film industry in LA. Hollywood is becoming increasingly international and it will be so exciting to meet up-and-coming Nordic talent ” says Ruth Bornhauser who’s been a part of top management firm Sanders Armstrong & Caserta Management for the last ten years. The company has handled the careers of clients like Michael Sheen (Twilight, The Queen), Danish actor Ulrich Thomsen (Festen, The Thing (2011)), Swedish actress Malin Åkerman (Watchmen, Heartbreak Kid) and recently departed screen icon James Gandolfini (The Sopranos, The Drop). Originally from Vienna, Austria, Ruth studied business and economics in college in Berlin before moving to Hollywood and working for huge production companies like Mutual Films and Jerry Bruckheimer Films, prior to becoming a manager.


During the Q&A panel on Friday evening, April 24th, Ruth will speak about topics concerning the changing film and television industry, as well as giving insights into the daily work of a high-profile Hollywood manager. She will be answering questions from the audience and elaborate on how the process of picking clients to represent works. What is expected of an actor in Hollywood today and how can actors start building an international resumé? Ruth has previously helped form the careers of established names like Manu Bennet (Crixus in Spartacus the tv-series) and Chris Noth (Mr Big in Sex and The City). She’s also continually signing and working with up-and-coming talent, like True Blood’s Janina Gavankar and Rachel Blanchard (Snakes on a plane, Clueless)


Saturday, April 25th, Ruth Bornhauser, together with Eric Willams (top tier manager for screenwriters), Jami Rudofsky (casting director for Masters of Sex) and Kevin E. West (veteran tv-actor) will host a full day workshop where a maximum of 60 participants will get to immerse into practical advice, personal feedback and practical tools to continue on their chosen career path in film and television.


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