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To support Roccat in introducing several new product lines and keep the awareness level high across the Nordic countries. We did build a targeted strategy, including planning, research and executing. Distributed product news, handled unboxing, review features, product placement and presentations at games events.


• Engaged influencers and content creators within gaming, esports, tech and lifestyle.
• Secured media coverage within the following segments: gaming, esports, tech, lifestyle and daily news.
• Secured 88 pieces of media coverage just in one month. This has never been accomplished before in the Nordic region, by any other brand within gaming peripherals.
• Made Roccat one of the absolute most known and respected brands among journalists, content creators and consumers.
• Handled media and content creators’ meetings and bookings at international games expos and conferences.

The Numbers


Pieces Of Coverage


Audience Reach


Pieces of media coverage just in one month

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