May 26, 2022
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May 26, 2022 PRNordic

Turtle Beach wanted to increase the visibility in the Nordic region. We came onboard to restart the branding and establish a positive brand image towards media, journalists and influencers as well as the target consumer segments.

To introduce Turtle Beach for all journalists and content creators in the region. Make them test, do unboxing features, and competitions. We also engaged social media calendars to keep the fans and consumers updated and engaged.  


  • In the first 30 days of our PR work, we secured Turtle Beach more visibility than the brand had the last previously 15 months. 
  • Increased the coverage with 2922% the first 12 months, we supported Turtle Beach.
  • Supported and executed product presentations for new lineup at several gaming trade   fairs, by hosting the media and content creators as well as securing coverage related to the events.
  • Made Turtle Beach one of the most prefered peripherals brands among content creators and media, when it comes to console gaming. 

    The numbers

  • 272 Pieces of coverage
  • 169.949.400 Audience reach
  • 407.560.590 Impressions