PR Nordic is a Public Relation agency dedicated to digital entertainment. We perform and deliver with excellence.


One territory – four different countries. The consumers in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden have significantly different mentalities when it comes to buying behaviors. The same goes for journalists and the media. Awareness of these differences is key when it comes to media contacts, selling-in stories and press releases. Key selling points that work well in Sweden might not work at all in Norway. PR Nordic has a good understanding of the different mentalities within the media and consumer segments in each of the Nordic countries. This key knowledge is essential in order to drive a PR campaign to the best possible results.


Ten reasons

1. PR Nordic provides public relation consultancy dedicated to digital entertainment, specialized within the tech, smartphone, film and game industry.

2. The most experienced gaming PR across the Nordic territory.

3. Our team has a combined of 40 years, having handled more than 1 000 game releases. From AAA boxed games, to DLC, free-to-play, browser and mobile games.

4. Strong and close relationships with a wide range of Nordic journalists and media representing specialist, lifestyle and daily press.

5. High experience of building up and handling PR activities for indie developers as well as leading worldwide publishers.

6. First in the Nordics to enjoy success and execute free-to-play, indie game and mobile campaigns.

7. All our campaigns are heavily supported by a social media presence across all the leading social media platforms.

8. We’ve executed more than 300 successful events and press trips, including industry expos, developer interviews, game demos and presentations.

9. One contact person for your entire Nordic campaign (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden).

10. We have a significant focus on reporting and documentation. All our campaigns are well documented.



PR Nordic is part of a global PR network that ensures your campaign is handled by the most experienced and specialized PR teams worldwide. We select our local PR partners based on their experience within handling everything from indie projects to AAA campaigns.

Our PR network covers the entire Europe, Russia, Asia, South, Mid and North America.

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