An Everyday Story Demo is live at Steam Next Fest

June 19, 2023
June 19, 2023 Roger Guererro

Bergamo, Italy – June 19. 2023 – Today, Cactus Production launches their new demo for An Everyday Story during this week’s Steam Next Fest. This is the studio’s first game, and with the new demo being out they’ve passed another milestone on their journey of developing An Everyday Story.

“Since An Everyday Story was our first game we initially struggled during the early development phase”, said Allesio Oliva, Narrative Lead Designer at Cactus Production, and continues: “But thanks to a lengthy learning process and hard work we pushed through and reached almost the end of development! Of course, we cannot thank our core members enough for their efforts, but we also have to mention the incredible work done by the contractors we worked with; both groups have been amazing despite our lack of experience and the many difficulties”.

“Our most important objective is to establish a connection with the players: we always wanted to tell stories that feel relatable and personal. And in order to do that, we address universal themes like family, loss, love and friendship. After all, the stories that touch us all are the ones that overcome cultural and generational differences, are they not?” said Roberto Vergine, Founder of Cactus Production.

The History
An Everyday Story is a 2.5D Horizontal Story-Driven Platform game. We will explore man’s memories through the point of view of three little trinkets that he holds dear, since they represent the bonds with his loved ones. The story is about an Italian-American man’s life, going from his childhood (’70) until his old age (2020). He loses his father in combat when he’s 7 years old; this will cause him to live all his life with the fear of being abandoned by his dear ones. From a very young age, he became interested in artisanship; therefore he travelled to Italy to discover his roots and learn more about the craft.

Steam Boat, the symbol of love between the protagonist and his wife. The boat can carry and pull the heaviest stuff with its anchor, navigate water and push objects to move them.

– Tin Soldier, the protagonist holds this keepsake because it is the last memory he has of his father. The tin soldier is able to grapple metallic objects and swing, use a parachute and shoot down small objects to reach otherwise inaccessible places.

– Bat Origami, represents the bond between the protagonist and his father. The origami can jump, glide and thin itself to overcome obstacles. Watch out for flames and grasshoppers!

– An Everyday Story is a 2.5D Horizontal Platform Story-Driven game. Overcome environmental obstacles using unique characters.

– Resolve environmental puzzles and defeat unsettling enemies to reach catharsis and achieve peace.

– Overcome your nightmares and face your fears.

– Explore a variety of unique environments.

– Relive the deepest memories of a man both the highlights and lowlights of his life, from his childhood until his last breath.

– Use your wits to reveal the past in 9 beautiful levels.

– Go through oniric haunting sections and heal sorrowful memories.

– Let yourself be carried away by emotional music.

Your journey begins here, download the demo and remember to wishlist An Everyday Story on Steam right now:

Watch the latest trailer here:

About Cactus Production
Cactus Production is a young international award-winning studio, located in the heart of Bergamo, Italy. Their focus is to create story-driven experiences and aim to craft accessible emotional experiences for all kinds of players.