Etermax Announces New Releases For 2017

January 31, 2017
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January 31, 2017 PRNordic

Etermax, the company specialized in interactive mobile entertainment, announces big releases and news for 2017. After ending the year with an audience of more than 250 million world users, 8 published titles and leading the rankings of more than 40 countries, Etermax is preparing to launch four new games in 2017.

With over seven years developing social games and creating hits like Aworded Crack and Trivia Crack, the Argentinian company was chosen by Mattel to carry out the remake of their game Pictionarytm for mobile platforms. The new version of Pictionarytm promises to take the game’s fans through an incredible and unique user experience that will turn the game’s rounds into fun challenges. The release date is set for the first quarter of the year.

Trivia Crack, in turn, finished 2016 by being included in Apple’s “Best of the Year” list for the third time in a row. It continued to claim new audiences such as Turkey, Denmark, Norway and Finland, countries where it ranked among the top 10 iOS apps, above Twitter, Spotify, Periscope, Clash Royale and Netflix.

In 2017, Trivia Crack promises to keep captivating users with entertaining proposals and surprises. In January, it will be launched in six new languages: Polish, Romanian, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, and Vietnamese. In the following months, it will incorporate a new game mode where users will be able to play quick duels and win important rewards in themed rooms. A new game chat will allow players to take pictures, exchange image files or send audios while playing against their opponents. By midyear, it will include new game modes with special prizes and fun customizable avatars to go with the user’s profile picture.

In addition to recent add-ons such as the VIP Machine – which allows users to obtain cards from past limited editions – and the Trading Card Kiosk, the game will continue to release temporary machines for holidays like Saint Valentine’s, Easter, and Halloween, among many others. Moreover, there will be improvements to the game’s content in order to bring the user closer to relevant topics according to their likes and preferences.

Trivia Crack Kingdoms will also be full of surprises this year. The inhabitants of the realm will reveal the secret story of the kingdom as users play through different channels. What is more, new magic books will be added, which can be obtained by winning different achievements in a channel; fans of Marvel, Star Wars and so on, will want to show all they know about their favorite artists and series. The “Books” section will be available through a new icon in the main menu. Other changes taking place in the game are the “Companions”, which will be themed and collectible and will be unlocked as the users complete levels. Trivia Crack Kingdoms will also introduce new game modes and feature a revamp with fun animations and chat improvements.