FARSIDERS showcases its charming features and captivating gameplay

June 6, 2023
June 6, 2023 Roger Guererro

Bangkok, Thailand – June 6, 2023 – GambitGhost Studio is excited to reveal more information about FARSIDERS through the Alpha Game Preview!

FARSIDERS Alpha preview gives an opportunity to have a look at cutting-edge creations and immersive gameplay that await in the realm of GambitGhost Studio’s latest masterpiece – FARSIDERS. Hold on tight as we take you on a journey through the charming features and fresh gameplay!

In this sneak peek, the studio states that a lot has been added to the 2nd Alpha and gives us a glimpse into the immersive atmosphere of the game’s environments. There are over 20 spell cards available to shop that will leave you spellbound, and with a randomized card system in place, your gaming experience is guaranteed to be as fresh and unpredictable as a wizard’s sneeze.

But wait, there’s more! Brace yourself for a heart-pounding challenge as you face off against not just a few, not even ten, but a whopping 15 formidable bosses. Each one is a true test of your skills, cunning, and perhaps a sprinkle of luck!

Watch the FARSIDERS Alpha Game Preview here: https://youtu.be/aozd_hEEJDw 

FARSIDERS key features:

Engage in Spectacular Combat with Spell Cards
One of the most exhilarating aspects of Alpha 2 is the introduction of Spell Cards. In Farsiders, the game allows Cassie to integrate magic into her arsenal both as skills and weapon enchantments.

The player will have a chance to explore the vast fantasy land, collect Blood Crystals and try their luck with the Death Dealer for some powerful Spell Cards. The game offered a randomized skill card system to promote replayability. The player will be able to acquire different spells and try out new builds using the Talent Tree to create a powerful combo.

Shape Your Talent Tree
Unleash the true potential of Cassie’s combat prowess through the talent tree system, Defeating each boss will reward you with a talent point that can be allocated within the tree. Carefully choose your path as you progress, enhancing elemental powers and unlocking upgrades for your magic spells. Each branch in the talent tree provides unique bonuses, allowing you to craft a playstyle that suits your preferences and unleashes devastating magic.

Discover Powerful Attachment Upgrades
If that’s not enough, there is more for you to customize your loadout. Discover a world where time itself is in flux, and advanced modification crates from different eras intertwine.

In the realm of Tellune, seek out these crates to unlock game-changing “attachments” that enhance Cassie’s weapon abilities. With three distinct types of attachments available for the Sword, Pistol, and Gear, the player will have the freedom to customize your loadout and create a formidable combat strategy.

While FARSIDERS Alpha phase is already an immersive and exciting experience, keep in mind that certain features are still in development and will be added in future updates. Look forward to quest narratives, engaging dialogues, captivating cutscenes, enhanced visual effects on interfaces, and much more as the studio continues to shape and refine the game.

Wishlist FARSIDERS now on Steam: https://bit.ly/3EFymT8 

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About GambitGhost Studio
GambitGhost Studio is a Thai game development studio founded in 2020. Their head office is currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. The studio aims to produce high quality, story driven video games. Unlike most new indie studios, they put a lot of resources into creating high-end graphics and animation in order to create a new, unique yet beautiful new world/culture to enhance the player’s experience. GambitGhost Studio’s method is to combine game design with data analytic to create a new but truly satisfying experience.