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September 30, 2014
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September 30, 2014 PRNordic

ROCCAT’s Tyon Gaming Mouse has arrived

Hamburg, 30 September 2014 – ROCCAT™ Studios once again leads the way in gaming peripheral design and execution with the release of the highly touted and much anticipated Tyon All Action Gaming Mouse, arriving today in the United States, Europe and Australia. 

The Tyon is a wholly unique gaming mouse that puts every major action in the palm of the player’s hand. The Tyon’s X-Celerator, a two-way analog stick handles throttling, sprinting, rotating tank turrets, and more with tried and tested ease of use. “No stone was left unturned, no option left on the table.” says René Korte, CEO and founder of ROCCAT Studios. “We wanted the X-Celerator to be a major shift in mouse design for FPS gaming and beyond. We put in the testing hours to ensure it would be just that.” 

With 16 assignable buttons, 31 distinct possible functions, and a near limitless level of customization thanks to ROCCAT’s dedicated Easy-Shift[+] Button, the Tyon is a game-changer. Land, sea, air, space – mastery of each layer in the FPS gaming sphere is imperative for competitive gamers. ROCCAT’s designers and developers have worked in close collaboration with gaming experts, logging hundreds of hours of testing and fine-tuning to ensure the Tyon’s abilities elevate play, meeting these challenges head-on. On design, René says, “What’s unique about the Tyon, is that while we optimized for FPS gaming, many testers found that it was a fantastic pairing with MMO and other game genres. We really like the idea that this mouse can be creatively utilized by players across the board. Our fans will absolutely find interesting ways to use it with whatever they play.”  

The Tyon’s Dorsal Fin Switch, a two-click button set behind the mouse wheel, allows for a comfortable mid-finger action, eliminates the need for major hand adjustments, 576kB of onboard memory ensures vast storage of settings and macros, an 8200 DPI Pro-Aim Laser Sensor provides precision, quickness, and accuracy, vivid RGBY two-part illumination for both the lower rim and wheel of the mouse give the Tyon incredible range of personal style, and with a sleek black or white color choice for the mouse itself, the Tyon truly is a marvel of form and function.

“We were excited to announce the Tyon a few months ago, and we’ve been extremely happy with the amazing response from fans,” Says René. “Announcing a drop date for the Tyon in the United States, Europe and Australia is a big deal to us; all of us at ROCCAT Studios that put our efforts into this mouse are proud of the final product, and can’t wait until gamers have a Tyon as a part of their arsenal.”

ROCCAT Tyon TechSpecs
– 8200 DPI PRO AIM (R3) LASER SENSOR – for precision gaming at its best
– X-CELERATOR THUMB PADDLE – for unrivaled command capabilities
– DORSAL FIN SWITCH – for rapid and instinctive control
– ROCCAT TITAN WHEEL – for millions of ultra-precise steps
– ROCCAT™ EASY-SHIFT[+]™ – on-the-fly button duplicator
– 16.8M MULTICOLOR ILLUMINATION – customizable two-level light system
– TRACKING & DISTANCE CONTROL UNIT – less pick-up flight for precise gaming
– 16 MOUSE BUTTONS – programmable + dedicated Easy-Shift[+]™ button
– 32-BIT PROCESSOR + 576KB MEMORY – for rapid macro storage and execution