Get ready for action with the new trailer from Mandragora

October 6, 2015
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October 6, 2015 PRNordic
Get ready for action with the new trailer from Mandragora

Skyhill is released today for PC, Mac and Linux. Mandragora’s dark journey is ready to challenge gamers world wide with a boxed edition of Skyhill in retail and as a digital release on Steam today.


The Skyhill is a luxury hotel, in which you, have recently rented a penthouse. But suddenly, something happens, something evil, something unexpected and the building fills with monsters and mutants. The only way out is the main doors at the ground floor, a hundred stories below. You need to fight your way through the hotel all while battling one of your most powerful foes – the need for food and water.


Skyhill mixes roguelike elements, RPG, point’n’click and survival gaming in the closed and claustrophobic setting of the Skyhill Hotel. Mandragora has dubbed the mix point’n’survive. Different endings and adjustable difficulty settings assures that all kind of gamers will find a challenge in the dark corridors of The Skyhill.