January’s Nintendo Switch lineup: 7 games you can’t miss!

February 2, 2024
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February 2, 2024 Roger Guererro

Gear up for an exciting start to the year with our handpicked selection of seven Nintendo Switch games, delivering a diverse blend of puzzles, mysteries, crime, and love. 

These titles promise a rollercoaster of emotions and puzzling experiences, making January a month to remember for every casual gaming lover on Switch. Let the games begin!

Connected Hearts: Fortune Play Collector’s Edition

Save your soulmate from Fortuna’s grasp. Dreyer Crowley has a tough time growing up: he loses his parents and ends up in an orphanage. As Dreyer grows older, he decides to put an end to an endless streak of bad luck and restore his family’s reputation. 

But there’s one problem: Dreyer’s out of luck. Desperate, he decides to make a deal with Fortuna: infinite luck in exchange for loving hearts. Beatrice and Franz are Dreyer’s next targets. 

Solve tricky puzzles, outwit the villain’s henchmen, and save the lovebirds. Now the game is on!

Learn more about Connected Hearts: Fortune Play Collector’s Edition here.

Connected Hearts: Full Moon Curse Collector’s Edition

A quiet, peaceful forest hiding a werewolf. Can you heal him?

The healer Riviera is picking herbs with her mentor Harriet when suddenly she sees her beloved Mark covered in blood. 

A wild animal has wounded him! Treatment doesn’t help: Mark is turning into a monster… 

But werewolves are just fiction, aren’t they? 

Riviera doesn’t have time to think about this because Gregor, a relentless witch hunter, follows her everywhere. 

He suspects Riviera of witchcraft and wants to protect the townsfolk from her. Will Mark and Riviera get out alive? 

And will they be able to tell who is friend, and who is foe?

The Collector’s Edition includes:

– Find hidden coins, morphing objects, and more to complete your collections!

– Replay your favorite hidden-object scenes and mini-games to unlock challenging achievements!

– Keep the case moving with a strategy guide!

Learn more about Connected Hearts: Full Moon Curse Collector’s Edition here.

Mystery Box: Escape The Room

Welcome to the new chapter of the “Mystery Box” series. 

You’re trapped inside dark rooms and must solve intriguing enigmas to open boxes and escape. Can you make it?

Interact with bizarre mechanisms, think out of the box to gain your freedom, and discover historical unsolved mysteries.

You will experience a real-life adventure while playing this puzzle game! 

Lots of intriguing puzzles are waiting for you, ensuring an immersive experience that will keep you engaged for hours.

Examine several mechanisms to unlock each box and gain your freedom.

Learn more about Mystery Box: Escape The Room here.

Mystery Box: Evolution

Enjoy the 2nd chapter of the ‘Mystery Box’ puzzle game series! 

Unlock 57 boxes by solving tons of intriguing riddles that will put your brain to work

Turn wheels, move handles, push buttons, and think smart to solve the puzzles, unlock all the boxes, and collect tiles to discover lost artifacts. 

You can find hidden tiles on the side of the boxes as well, so pay attention to the details!

Discover all Artifacts in this escape room game to unlock an extra amazing level, the Ghost Box!

Learn more about Mystery Box: Evolution here.

Mystery Box: The Journey

Welcome to the 4th chapter of the “Mystery Box” series!

10 new boxes full of enigmas to crack are waiting for you on this journey through lost worlds.

Challenges and fun don’t stop after unlocking all the 10 boxes and escaping the location you’re trapped in, because you can also play an extra mini-game called The Jackbox, which resembles the classic hangman game and requires you to guess a variety of words.

Take on the challenge of exploring mysterious locations and solving peculiar riddles, you won’t forget the hours spent playing this puzzle adventure!

Interact with buttons, levers, and particular mechanisms to unlock several parts of the boxes.

Learn more about Mystery Box: The Journey here.

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