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June 28, 2017
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June 28, 2017 PRNordic

– Tomb of Sargeras opens with Mythic difficulty

– Professional Raid guilds battle for the World‘s First Kill 

– ROCCAT rewards winning guild with free Leadr mice


Today, Blizzard has opened the latest raid instance in the popular MMO-phenomenon World of Warcraft, “Tomb of Sargeras” in Mythic difficulty level. Nine ever more challenging bosses await the players and will test their skill and perseverance on the highest level. As a final trial, raiders will have to overcome Kil’Jaeden, one of Azeroths most powerful creatures.

Many professional guilds all over the globe sharpen their blades, pick up their shields and warm- up their spells and get ready to engage in the challenges before them. The players of these guilds invest enormous amounts of work and time into being the first guild on the planet that conquers the instance as a whole.

While there is much recognition of these players and guilds by the World of Warcraft and overall gaming community, there are no rewards offered for this outstanding achievement by Blizzard or any other company. While most esport athletes all over the world get rewarded in some way or another, the professional World of Warcraft raiders only receive the fame associated with their performance.

We at ROCCAT are active World of Warcraft players as well. Therefore, we want to offer a token of our appreciation to the hardcore raiders out there, which is why we have decided to give away a free ROCCAT Leadr to all players involved in the world’s first kill of Kil’Jaeden, the final boss of Tomb of Sargeras. It is only apt, that these players receive the best wireless mouse there is on the market today. A true leader in his game should make no compromises – Leadr enables those ambitious gamers to do just that.

Be a Leader, play with Leadr.

Follow the race for World First at this link.

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