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May 27, 2024
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May 27, 2024 Roger Guererro

Oslo Norway – The promising Norwegian Indie game studio Ananki Game Studio is proud to reveal The Fate of Baldr is globally launched now on Steam. The most important milestone for Ananki Game Studio is now that the journey for The Fate of Baldr is real and the team behind are thrilled to reveal the magical world of Baldr to their steadily growing fan base.

Ananki Game Studio is real proof that you don’t need a big team to develop a very anticipated title. All the fans have spoken, the hype is real and now the waiting time is over with the release of The Fate of Baldr.

“After three years of developing The Fate of Baldr, I am extremely proud of my team. We have worked very hard every day and are now releasing a game fitting of a much larger studio. I hope that supporters of indie games will try it out and enjoy the unique experience we have created.” said André Kråkenes, CEO Ananki AS

Release your inner Viking and save the world in The Fate of Baldr now on Steam.

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About Ananki Game Studio
Ananki Game Studio is an indie game development studio with 3 full-time employees based in Oslo, Norway. The team consists of André (CEO/programmer), Asia (2d artist) and Anders (3d artist/programmer). Each of them has 10+ years of prior experience with programming, 2D art and 3D modelling. They’ve been developing games full-time since 2020.