Lost In The Open Premieres with a Playable Demo

April 5, 2024
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April 5, 2024 Roger Guererro

Black Voyage Games is excited to announce its participation in this year’s #TurnBasedThursdayFest, a five-day celebration dedicated to showcasing the best in turn-based video games. From 4 to 8 April, players around the world will have the opportunity to explore the world of Lost In The Open through a playable demo – available on Steam today!

Lost In The Open is a masterfully crafted roguelike, low-fantasy tactical RPG that plunges players into the heart of a dark and unforgiving no man’s land. Following an unexpected assassination plot, you find yourself wounded, alone, and on the run across a treacherous. Survival in this harsh world is not guaranteed; it requires strategic recruitment, desperate battle, and a journey of sincere repentance. Your King is your most powerful asset but also your greatest liability. How you control the King will determine whether you survive or perish. In this grueling tactical RPG, combat revolves around YOU!

“As part of the development team of Lost In The Open at Black Voyage Games, we are thrilled to participate in the #TurnBasedThursdayFest. This online festival is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and share our love for turn-based strategy games with a passionate community. We’re eager to showcase our game and connect with other developers and players who share our passion for this genre. We hope all participants enjoy what we have prepared and that together we can make this event a memorable success! Huge thank you to the #TBTF team for featuring us, we are super grateful about the opportunity.” said Rafael Dolfe, CEO & Lead Developer.“I love me a Turn-Based Tactical RPG where the AI outsmarts me! Lost In The Open is a marathon, not a sprint. You can’t expect to destroy every encounter, you will need time to recover and recuperate!” states Black Voyage Games.

Key elements:
      – Node-based exploration meets brutal tactical RPG combat keeping a player always on the edge of survival.
      – Roguelike with randomized world, progression and encounters.
      – Complex and mature narrative tightly integrated with gameplay.
      – Parchment and Quill artstyle which is heavily inspired by authentic artwork and illustrations from the middle ages but with a modern flair.

You escape as Nrvesk all the way from Stratha to Ruedome in the game. Temcao, Mardrot and Degrecao stand in your way.

Lost In The Open Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2027380/Lost_In_The_Open/ 

Join the Discord server: https://discord.com/invite/PJHmps4VsZ 

Black Voyage Games on X: twitter.com/blackvoyagegame 

About Black Voyage Games
Embark on a voyage through pitch black darkness with Black Voyage Games: Where atmosphere meets honest, gritty play.

Started in 2021, Black Voyage Games is an international indie game studio. The goal of the studio is to take players on a voyage through the pitch-black night. As a result, our games are immersed in a dark, gritty, and ambivalent atmosphere. Our mission is to evoke thought and emotion by exposing players to tough decisions and overwhelming odds. We want players to immerse themselves deeply and attempt to sail on, despite the circumstances. Our studio is completely against predatory monetization strategies, as seen in big studios and countless mobile games. Part of our goal is to develop games with depth and story to make a positive impact on people, rather than fueling issues like addiction and gambling. Releasing Premium games only (not F2P or P2W) is a must for all BVG games.

“Lost in the Open” is our first title and an upcoming game scheduled to launch on Steam in 2024. It is a turn-based tactical RPG where you scramble to escape from an assassination attempt in an atmospheric, low-fantasy, procedurally generated medieval world. “Lost In The Open” can be described as Battle Brothers meets FTL: Faster Than Light, with art style inspiration from real medieval art. A playable demo is available on Steam today.

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