Deep Rock Galactic - Ghost Ship Games

Targeted push to gain visibility around the official launch of Deep Rock Galactic for PC and Xbox. To expand the visibility into world regions where the games already were covered and to establish awareness in areas where the visibility was limited.


• Secured coverage via announcements, news beats, updates, roadmaps, gameplay features and reviews.
• Generated coverage by gaming, lifestyle, tech and general news, content creators, online, print, broadcasts and across all social media platforms.
• Deep Rock Galactic was nominated as the biggest Nordic game success.
• During the campaign, Deep Rock Galactic became #1 on Steam as well as the most covered game in the World.
• Activated several of the biggest influencers in the world.
• Ghost Ship Games developers were interviewed on live morning shows for national tv broadcasts.

The Numbers


Pieces Of Coverage


Audience Reach


Content creators and influencers activated

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