PR Nordic takes on Speedlink in the Nordic region

February 25, 2016
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February 25, 2016 PRNordic

Copenhagen-based public relations agency PR Nordic has teamed up with German Jöllenbeck GmbH to support their line of Speedlink products in the Nordic region.

“Speedlink is an exciting partner with a reputation for building solid gaming peripherals for gamers in all price ranges, and a keen eye for innovation,” says PR Nordic founder Peter Jakobsen. “Representing their brand in the Nordic region, we are ready for the challenge of getting the word out to gamers and the industry.”

PR Nordic describes Jöllenbeck’s Speedlink label as one of the leading brands within computer and video game accessories across Europe.

“We are happy to get the word out about the expanding Speedlink family and with a strategic partner that understands the cultural differences between the Nordic countries we feel like taking an important step towards expanding our reach,” says Jöllenbeck PR manager Steffen Soltau. “Through the collaboration between PR Nordic and Jöllenbeck, we aim to communicate that Speedlink offers far more than excellent gaming gear.”

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