Raise your level: ROCCAT KHAN PRO

July 27, 2017
July 27, 2017 PRNordic

• World’s first Hi-Res-Certified gaming headset

• Real-Voice-Mic, most natural sounding microphone

• Extremely light and comfortable


Shanghai/Hamburg, July 27th, 2017 – ROCCAT unveils their newest stereo gaming headset, the Khan Pro, during Chinajoy Expo 2017 in Shanghai. The German peripheral manufacturer from Hamburg is strengthening its presence in China by introducing a product for the first time during the Expo – ROCCATs greatest audio product so far.

The Khan Pro delivers previously unheard sound clarity in its class, being the first gaming headset in the world to be granted the “Hi-Res-Audio” certificate, only given to the very best of audio products available on today’s market. With a broad frequency range between 20Hz and 40kHz, the Khan Pro boasts deep base, rich mids and clear highs, enabling gamers to pinpoint any opponent, even in the most complex situations.

But what is fine sound clarity, if the microphone doesn’t live up to the overall expectations? This is why the Khan Pro features a “Real-Voice-Mic”, which offers the most natural voice transmission a gaming headset has ever delivered. The microphone of the Khan Pro can pick up lower frequencies than other competitors in its class, ranging from just 100Hz to 10kHz. This expanded spectrum makes the human voice sound more “real” than ever before. Team communication will never be the same again, no command will go unheard.

The low weight of the Khan Pro in combination with its memory foam earpads make ROCCATs newest headset the perfect partner for the longest play sessions. It doesn’t matter if you’re racing for a World First Kill in World of Warcraft or aiming at The Global Elite in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – it will never get uncomfortable. No matter how hard the training or competition is, the Khan Pro is the perfect choice for ambitious esport players.

The ROCCAT KHAN PRO will be available on all channels starting in Q4 2017 at the retail price of DKK 799,00 / FI €105.99 / NOK 999,00 / SEK 999,00.

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