Ready to save Ankiril? Soulkin Demo is out now at Steam Next Fest!

June 12, 2024
June 12, 2024 Roger Guererro

Milan, Italy – Tambu Studios is excited to announce that their highly anticipated game, Soulkin, is now available for players who can try the demo at Steam Next Fest. Soulkin is a unique tactical roguelite that masterfully blends monster-collecting with strategic turn-based combat, promising an engaging and dynamic adventure for all players.
In Soulkin, players step into the shoes of Nadia, a heroine with the extraordinary power of Souls that enables her to bond with magical creatures. Summoned to the enchanting yet perilous world of Ankiril, Nadia must combat the creeping corruption threatening the land.

“Preparing for Steam Next Fest has been an exhilarating challenge for our team. While the demo of ‘Soulkin’ isn’t as polished as we would like and doesn’t cover all aspects of the game, we’re excited to share the heart of the gameplay with players. Our focus for this event is to showcase the core mechanics of tactical combat and monster collection within the enchanting world of Ankiril. We’ve put immense effort into ensuring the demo provides a glimpse of the strategic depth and unique charm that ‘Soulkin’ offers. We look forward to players experiencing this initial taste and providing valuable feedback during Steam Next Fest.” – Tambu Games

Dive into the tactical gameplay of Soulkin, a game designed to be accessible to everyone while offering intricate strategies. This is the vision behind Soulkin, a game that you can quickly learn but offers enough depth to keep you coming back for more. 
From starting on, playing Soulkin you’ll realize that every decision you make matters. Picture yourself at the beginning of a match, each Soulkin you deploy and every move you make, influences the course of the game. You’re always involved, always thinking, always strategizing. No more waiting around: every phase of the game requires your attention and strategic thinking!
What makes Soulkin shine is the endless variety of strategies you can employ. With several Soulkin to collect and countless tactics to explore, each game will be different. A match might see you deploying a swift, aggressive strategy, while another might have you carefully crafting a long-term plan to outwit your opponent. 
You thought through your moves, choose your Soulkin wisely, and now your strategy is paying off. That “sense of reward” and accomplishment is at the heart of Soulkin. Your efforts will be genuinely rewarded while playing, and your gameplay experience will be so rich and fulfilling. 
Step into the world of Soulkin, where every choice you make can lead to victory. It’s time to see if you have what it takes to master the game where every decision truly matters. 

Key features: 

  • Strategic and Tactical Combat: Use your wits to overcome great challenges, each battle will require tactical positioning and smart use of your Soulkin’s abilities. 
  • Join Forces with Soulkin: Collect and befriend more Soulkin as you venture through the charming world of Ankiril. Grow your roster of Soulkin and use them to their full potential! 
  • Challenging and Rewarding Progression: Progress through countless challenges throughout the game. The more you overcome, the stronger you grow! Unlock new stronger abilities and more powerful Soulkin as you progress. 
  • Dynamic Runs: Each chapter offers a fresh and unique gameplay experience with dynamic maps, battles, and events. This ensures varied and exciting playthroughs every time, keeping the gameplay consistently engaging and unpredictable.

Players can experience the enchanting and challenging world of Soulkin starting today on Steam Next Fest. Join Nadia and her Soulkin allies in the fight against the corruption of Ankiril and embark on an adventure like no other!

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