ROCCAT Cross – multi-platform stereo gaming headset

November 15, 2016
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November 15, 2016 PRNordic

• High quality 50mm neodymium drivers

• Extremely light, just 185g

• Perfect fit, thanks to ergonomic earcups

• Elegant design


Gaming has gone multi-platform and become ubiquitous. Today’s gamer demands a perfect gaming experience, no matter which platform is used. The ROCCAT Cross replaces the need for separate headsets for PC, consoles and mobile devices. The Cross is the multi-platform over-ear stereo gaming headset that is with you everywhere.

The Cross features large 50mm neodymium-magnet driver units, ensuring studio-grade sound. The earcups as well as the drivers are perfectly aligned to the ear, providing maximum comfort and top immersive sound experiences everywhere you go. The Cross delivers superior audio quality, not only in games, but also in music, film and voice communication.

The new headset sets a new standard in terms of style, comfort and gaming audio. It is an on-trend headset with an understated black design. It provides a snug fit thanks to memory foam earpads that adapt uniquely to each wearer, providing a new level of comfort. Also, at only 185g in weight, it is over 70g lighter than competing headsets in the same class.


In order to provide a fluid multi-platform experience, the Cross comes complete with dual microphones, one designed for PC and one designed for mobile use. Each of the two mics is built into an anti-tangle cable, both of which are provided with the Cross. The mics are detachable and plug into a neatly-placed port on the underside of the left earcup. While gaming on PC or console, choose the boom-arm mic for superior voice communication quality. While out and about, use the discreet and unobtrusive in-line mic. The Cross is with gamers everywhere they go.

The Cross hits stores on December 8th and will be available for:

Finland: 73.99 €

Denmark: 549 DKK

Sweden: 699 SEK

Norway: 669 NOK