Skyhill will be released on October 6th

September 28, 2015
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September 28, 2015 PRNordic

Get ready for a new and different roguelike


Hunger, crafting, survival and roguelike gameplay are key elements in the upcoming title Skyhill by well-known publisher Daedalic Entertainment. 


Skyhill will be available on Steam as of October 6th, and we would like to offer you a review code right now!


If you are yet to learn about the premise of Skyhill, the new noir survival roguelike from Mandragora and Daedalic Entertainment, take a read below:


Imagine you’ve got it made. You have it all: mansions, jets, Deponia 4 and when you pass the night in a hotel, naturally, it’s in the Penthouse Suite.


The Skyhill Hotel’s Penthouse Suite has it all as well, complete with a state of the art biological safety system…  which practically saves you in a fateful night from becoming the victim of a missile strike that turns the rest of the city into a mutant apocalypse.


In short, of all your previous privileges only a single one remains: Survive.


Now go grab your review code and get ready for a horrifying journey.