The Fate of Baldr spawns Vikings and aliens on Steam in May.

April 30, 2024
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April 30, 2024 Roger Guererro

Oslo Norway – The promising Norwegian game developer Ananki Game Studio is in the final stage of the development with The Fate of Baldr and is ready for the next milestone. Ananki Game Studio is proud to reveal the release date for The Fate of Baldr.

Join the Vikings in an epic tower defense adventure! Defend your ship against mythical bosses while mining resources and upgrading skills when The Fate of Baldr releases May 22th on Steam.

During the past month Ananki Game Studio hosted a unique playtest with great success. The feedback from the participants was amazing. To celebrate this milestone Ananki Game Studio added a lot of new features to The Fate of Baldr.

New key features:

  • In game Voice Chat.

  • Players can now join a specific host by using a code.

  • Improved enemy and boss behavior.

  • New towers: Fire tower, Poison tower, Increase damage tower and Increase speed tower.

  • Ammo clip size will increase as the player ranks up.

  • The ship can now be upgraded to do damage against enemies.

  • Added FAQ section to the Vikingpedia.

  • Updated the visuals for all planets, towers and enemies.

Be ready to embark this new epic tower defense adventure by wishlisting The Fate of Baldr on Steam.

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About Ananki Game Studio
Ananki Game Studio is an indie game development studio with 3 full time employees based in Oslo, Norway. The team consists of André (CEO/programmer), Asia (2d artist) and Anders (3d artist/programmer). Each of them have 10+ years of prior experience with programming, 2D art and 3D modeling. They’ve been developing games full time since 2020.