The Ukraine Pavilion Makes Its Inaugural Appearance at Gamescom 2023

August 17, 2023
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August 17, 2023 Roger Guererro

17 August 2023 – This year marks the debut of the Ukraine Pavilion at gamescom, the world’s largest gaming conference. A range of well-known Ukrainian studios, alongside startups and indie developers, will demonstrate their projects and services to the global audience. The goal of the stand is to spotlight remarkable achievements of the Ukrainian gaming industry, showcase cutting-edge innovations, support the reputation of Ukraine and attract targeted foreign investments in the industry.

“With this pavilion, we aim to showcase the remarkable resilience of the Ukrainian games industry. Even amidst the challenges of war, our businesses have not only persevered but have also unleashed unprecedented creativity. Our journey has molded us into a nation uniquely skilled at navigating unexpected challenges, making Ukrainian companies adaptable and reliable business partners. We invite the world to experience this resilience, to recognize the benefits of collaborating with Ukrainian companies, and to emphasize the vital importance of international support for Ukraine” said Elena Lobova, Co-founder @ GDBAY, co-organizer of the Ukrainian pavilion

The Ukraine Pavilion has been organized by the VG Entertainment studio, the Games Gathering conference and the GDBAY platform. With more than 20 game dev companies and services already onboard, the initiative continues to accept participants. If you are an indie developer with an innovative project or a company that works on advanced tech developments in fields like VR/AR, AI or blockchain, which are relevant to the gaming industry, contact the organizers by filling out the participation form.

The booth will be located in an area of 100 m2 in the business zone of hall 3.2 (C-050g, D-051g). You can learn more details and stay updated about this event by visiting the website and following the initiative on its social media platforms.

Here is the list of game development studios that have already confirmed their participation:

4A Games
This is a multinational game development studio with offices in Malta and Ukraine. The projects include Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light, Metro Redux, Arktika. 1, and, the most recent release, Metro Exodus.

Black Snow Games 
This is a digital entertainment studio that obtains patented technology for seamless AR to map visualization. The company is driving to market Black Snow: Battle for Earth — the world’s first fully immersive mobile AR free to play and earn game.

Bini Games
Established in 2012, Bini Games has grown to a team of over 230 developers, designers, teaching methodology experts, artists, animators, and educators. They develop educational mobile games for children.

Created in the year 2000, Frogwares is an independent game development studio, based in Ukraine and Ireland. They are behind the Sherlock Holmes series and a Lovecraftian detective-horror game, The Sinking City.

Frag Lab
Frag Lab is a videogame development studio founded in 2017 and based in Kyiv, Ukraine. They are focused on a next-gen AAA free-to-play FPS Shatterline.

Fishing Planet
Fishing Planet is a highly realistic first-person online multiplayer fishing simulator. The game was founded 8+ years ago in Kyiv and as for now their community has over 17 million players from all over the world and keeps growing.

Farom Studio
In 2011, the studio’s journey commenced with a vision of creating games and connecting with like-minded individuals. The main goal of the company is to make a game that could be fun for every player, single-player and multi-player at the same time.

GSC Game World
Founded in 1995 in Ukraine, GSC Game World is an independent game developer, best known for the original Cossacks series and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. franchise. Today, the studio is focused on developing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.2: Heart of Chornobyl.

Gerillaz OÜ
This game dev studio is developing World of the Abyss, a free-to-play cross-platform Lineage-like MMORPG. They made this game to return the same level of fun people had with classic MMORPGs to players on mobile and other popular platforms. 

GameFi2.0 Lab
GameFi2.0 Lab combines game dev with blockchain and fintech. Their aim is to create a sustainable game economy that is fair and transparent for all participants, as is currently the case in the DeFI sector.

PlayToMax is an HTML5 game developer with over 11 years of experience in this market. In addition to their expertise in custom game development for web, instant games, and porting games from other platforms to HTML5, they also provide services for crafting playable ads.

Plazma Studio
Plazma Studio is a developer and publisher of mobile games, founded in 2018. Their latest venture, Expansion, marks their foray into virtual reality, establishing a new milestone in their journey of innovative game development. 

Red Beat
This mid-size studio with over 20 years of experience worked on famous titles such as HALO 2, NBA Playgrounds, MX Nitro, Shaq Fu, Cossacks, and many more. Their latest titles are FROSTBORN: Co-Op Survival and METRO: The Outpost.

Room 8 Group
Room 8 Group is a global leader in external art production & game development, uniting seven studios: Room 8 Studio, Dragons Lake, Massive Black, Solid Bash, PUGA Studios, Heroic, and highlight QA. 

Starni Games
This is a Ukrainian game development company based in Kyiv. Among the studio’s projects, there are the Strategic Mind series and non-profit project Ukraine War Stories on Steam. They are now working on Headquarters: World War II together with a publisher.

Tatem Games
Tatem Games is a mobile game developer and publisher. The company has published more than 10 full-featured gaming apps, e.g. Racer, RoboSockets, Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter, Carnivores: Ice Age, Dream Gym and My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager Game.

Twigames is a game development studio with a team of 20 people with a main office in Kyiv, Ukraine. The company develops games for mobile, VR/AR, PC and all the main consoles both as internal projects and contract work.

VR Five
Former GSC employees worked on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. projects. The team, oriented on innovative technologies, became become a VR pioneer starting with Oculus DK1 in 2013. Since then, they developed projects for all VR headsets except PS, AR, mobile, PC, Mac.

Here is the list of other companies that have already confirmed their participation: