PRNordic | The worlds most famous troll, Hugo, raises $4.0M in private placement


The worlds most famous troll, Hugo, raises $4.0M in private placement

01 Oct 2014, Posted by tobiaspr in Newsroom

Copenhagen, Denmark. October 1st 2014 – In the 90’s, the screen troll Hugo made world history, being the first interactive TV-show ever. More than 500 millions viewers saw the TV-show worldwide. In the last couple of years, the famous troll have become a significant figure to mobile games and have without any marketing reached more than 25 million downloads. The company behind Hugo, Hugo Games, just announced that they have received $4.0M in funding as a private placement.

Founder and CEO for Hugo Games, which is located in Copenhagen, Henrik Kølle, consider it as a natural progression, that the company now has received the funds needed to take the next step within mobile gaming. Henrik Kølle says, “We have an exciting line-up of products within the next 12-18 months, where we will focus on cross-platform and with a strong cash-flow position you’ll notice us more active in marketing than before. Our experience with our first mobile game, with more than 25 million downloads without marketing, gives us a reason to believe that Hugo has the potential to be one of the most important characters within mobile gaming”.

“With a more significant presence within mobile gaming will contribute to the ongoing production of the upcoming Hugo movie ‘Hugo – The Worlds Worst Comeback’. There is signed a partnership with the Finnish production company Anima Vitae, which among other things, have made ‘Nico the Reindeer’, that sold more than 5 million tickets in Europe alone. Anima Vitae is furthermore involved in the work of Rovio’s YouTube channel, so it’s a company which has proven its’ worth and is the right partner for us. We believe that the future belongs to Hugo, the worlds most famous troll”, Henrik Kølle concludes.

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