Trailmakers takes you beyond the skies with the new Spacebound update!

October 10, 2023
October 10, 2023 Roger Guererro

Copenhagen, Denmark – October 10th 2023 – Flashbulb Games is proud to announce this new milestone to fans of Trailmakers. A new free update will soon land, Spacebound is the name of the update and it will include the biggest map they ever made for Trailmakers. 

Spacebound revolves around the fantasy of building your own vehicles for space. For the first time ever in Trailmakers you’ll be able to play in outer space. You can build any kind of vehicle you want and make it work in space and on moons, yes barely everything is possible in the new upcoming space update. Just explore and enjoy!  

“Space has been our holy grail for a long time. On one hand we knew it would be awesome to deliver on this fantasy to our fans who have been calling on this for years. On the other hand, real space is kind of boring and characterized by something not very Trailmaker-y: Lack of gravity and drag. So we had to come up with some new blocks that could make our version of space as playful and fun as the rest of Trailmakers, and I think we really hit the spot.” stated Lasse Outzen, Trailmakers Creative Director. 

Features in Spacebound:
Four explorable moons with their own atmospheres, biomes and gravity. A real challenge to your building skills as you’ll need all sorts of flying and ground vehicles to discover every secret.
– Space station, a starting point to learn how to use all the new parts and become a true space expert.
–  Asteroid belts and zones, both static and in movement to challenge your piloting skills, perfect for all kinds of multiplayer challenges.
–  One of the moons populated by space pirates, aggressive NPCs to fight with.
Watch the Spacebound teaser here:

Spacebound will be launched on October 31. You can already wishlist Spacebound on Steam.

Trailmakers is a creative vehicle-building sandbox and open-world rally expedition. You begin your journey in a desolate canyon on a distant planet and must scavenge for discarded vehicle parts. Your goal is to get as far as you can! Build a rig and experience the sweet rush of freedom that follows the acquisition of motorized transportation. The community around Trailmakers has been developed over the last six years, with add-ons and updates. This has also resulted in a strong engagement among the growing worldwide Trailmakers community. 

About Flashbulb Games
Flashbulb was founded in 2016 to create Trailmakers. We are individual experts in our fields and we are battle-proven as a team. Most of us have worked together for years at the now-closed Microsoft Studio ‘Press Play’, and others come from top studios such as Rare, IO and CCP. The vision is to ignite the creative spark in everyone. To create games that you play with – not just play. Games that give players tools and environments to create their versions of fun.