Trailmakers will travel beyond the sky thanks to the free Spacebound update

October 31, 2023
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October 31, 2023 Roger Guererro

Copenhagen, Denmark – October 31, 2023Flashbulb Games are thrilled to announce the launch of the highly awaited update Spacebound for Trailmakers. This update will be the biggest update they ever made and it will be free to download.

For the first time ever in Trailmakers history you’ll be able to play in outer space. Nothing is impossible in Spacebound, you have the opportunity to build any kind of vehicle you want and make it work in space and on the moons. Get ready for this new space adventure and enjoy exploring this new free update.

“For years, the community has been eager to unleash their creativity in a space setting. What better time to do that than with an update that demonstrates our love for our players? Creating this update has been a daunting task, as it serves as a love letter to all the players we’ve had over the years. We’re putting ourselves on the line with this update. The entire Trailmakers team is looking forward to seeing what the community will create with this new setting! We can’t even begin to imagine what they will come up with!” stated Andreas Kidholm, Trailmakers Producer

Features in Spacebound:
Four explorable moons with their own atmospheres, biomes and gravity. A real challenge to your building skills as you’ll need all sorts of flying and ground vehicles to discover every secret.
– Space station, a starting point to learn how to use all the new parts and become a true space expert.
–  Asteroid belts and zones, both static and in movement to challenge your piloting skills, perfect for all kinds of multiplayer challenges.
–  One of the moons is populated by space pirates, aggressive NPCs to fight with.

Watch the amazing new Spacebound trailer here:

Spacebound is ready to update now via Trailmakers on Steam.

About Flashbulb Games
Flashbulb was founded in 2016 to create Trailmakers. We are individual experts in our fields and we are battle-proven as a team. Most of us have worked together for years at the now-closed Microsoft Studio ‘Press Play’, and others come from top studios such as Rare, IO and CCP. The vision is to ignite the creative spark in everyone. To create games that you play with – not just play. Games that give players tools and environments to create their versions of fun.