New Movement, Warframe, Quest, Customizations and More Await PC Players

LONDON, On. (July 31, 2015) – Digital Extremes’ Warframe® proves once again that there’s never been a better time to be a space ninja.

Expanding the ever-evolving Warframe Solar System once again, the new Update – Echoes of the Sentient – offers PC players a wealth of new gameplay, environments and customizations. Players can move through the Solar System in an entirely new way with a completely overhauled Parkour system, visit an underwater world with new Archwing Submersible levels, go on a Quest for the new Equinox Warframe and so much more! 

Primary highlights of Echoes of the Sentient include:


Split between day and night, Equinox manifests aggressive and defensive forms at will.


Experience a complete overhaul to movement in the game. Changes include the addition of Double Jump, Bullet Jump, Wall Latch, Wall Dash and Aim Gliding.


Explore new depths in the oceans of Uranus, smoothly transitioning from on-foot to submersible Archwing mode! Encounter new and deadly Grineer enemies in unique environments and enjoy various game modes including Defense, Survival, Capture, Rescue, Mobile Defense, Exterminate, and Sabotage!


Tyl Regor is back and is stronger than ever. Assassinate this skilled threat amidst the oceans of Titania, Uranus!


Is the strange drone scanning Tenno just an upgraded piece of Corpus technology or are there more sinister things stirring in the Origin System?


Delve into the depths of the Grineer Ocean with a new underwater Tileset.  

Daily Challenges: Earn additional Standing with Teshin’s Conclave by completing Daily Challenges. 
New Conclave Maps: Apex (Annihilation/Team Annihilation), The Spire (Capture the Cephalon) and The Pit (Annihilation/Team Annihilation) are now available! 
Conclave Mods: Purchase 19 new Conclave Mods through Standing from Teshin.

Ack and Brunt: Tyl Regor’s custom axe and shield are how he likes to eliminate ‘frustrations’.
Grattler: Shatter your targets with explosive shells from this devastating Archwing canon.
Harpak: Spike enemies to the wall or reel them in with this automatic harpoon gun.
Kulstar: Rain hell on the enemy with this handheld cluster-rocket launcher.
Twin Grakatas: When one Grakata isn’t enough, bring another for extra firepower. 

Kubrow Armor: Outfit your Kubrow with new Rostam and Valinn Decorative Armor. 
Chesa Kubrow: Trained to retrieve valuable resources for its master. 

NEW CUSTOMIZATIONS — Give your Warframe a new look with four new Capes, now available in the Market! 
Izvara: The exclusive garment of Tenno chosen to protect the Orokin Council of Executors.
Nelumbo: Worn to honor the Lotus.  
Udyat: A flowing ribbon of silken fabric, crowned with a star.  
Vanquished Banner: Add insult to injury by mocking the Grineer with their own banner.

NEW UTILITY MOD SLOT — Prepping your Mod Build just got easier! The new Exilus Utility Slot frees up space by offering a place for a Utility Mod.   
PC players can download Echoes of the Sentient today! PlayStation®4 and Xbox One players will receive this Update in coming weeks. To learn more about Warframe, download the game and join the community, please visit the official website at: www.warframe.com

Crytek hits gamescom 2015

Enter the Arena of Fate and discover the difference in Warface as Crytek hits gamescom 2015


With gamescom 2015 just around the corner, videogame publisher and developer Crytek has confirmed details of what it has in store for attendees of the Cologne-based expo. 
Located at booth C40 of the Cologne Exhibition Center’s Hall 7.1, Crytek will be giving players a chance to go hands-on with Arena of Fate  Multiple matches of the fast-paced, 5 vs. 5 MOBA will be running simultaneously on the show floor—enabling visitors to play the part of legendary characters from history and fiction as they battle for victory against fellow fans and the game’s 20-minute time limit. Attendees will also have the opportunity to save their spot in the Arena of Fate Closed Beta and help shape the game ahead of its launch.
Enhancing the action at Crytek’s booth, the latest version of free-to-play shooter Warface will be playable for anyone eager to test their mettle in front-line combat. Players will be able to compete in tense PVP matches which showcase new and improved content scheduled to come to the game in a future update. Since its arrival in 2013, Warface has undergone dramatic changes, with over 30 new maps, hundreds of weapons, and a competitive Clan Challenge league all added to the game. 
Throughout the expo—which is open to the public from August 6-9—visitors to the Crytek booth will have the chance to take part in raffles every day and win exclusive prizes and merchandise.   
Visit Crytek at booth C40, Hall 7.1 of the Cologne Exhibition Center during gamescom 2015 and discover the latest developments in the company’s ever-evolving games-as-a-service portfolio.

Finnish CS:GO team to join ROCCAT

Back to the roots

Team ROCCAT now with CS:GO division


Hamburg, 23 July 2015 – German peripheral manufacturer ROCCAT has a proven track record in eSports, with a deep involvement in competition gaming over the course of many years. The Hamburg-based company now expands its roster by signing the Finnish CS:GO team ENCORE. With Counter-Strike still amongst the most important eSports titles worldwide, this is a commitment to professional gaming in general, an investment into the future and an appreciation of the strong impact the game has had on eSports, all at once.

Markus Frey, head of marketing at ROCCAT, comments: “Counter-Strike has long been one of the mainstays of eSports and is a series that we as a gaming company hold close to our heart. Within the history of ROCCAT we have supported two especially successful Counter-Strike teams, both coincidentally also from Finland. With this new group of Finns we close a circle that started with CS 1.6, and we proudly throw our full weight behind them in their bid to reach the top.”

The team’s first major tournament will be the qualifier for ESL One in Cologne, with the matches starting 25 July. 

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Check-in begynder 6. august 2015

Danmark 2015.07.21 – The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Oplev bryllup, farver og kultur i denne komedie! Sonnys første hotel var et hit, og nu forsøger han at gentage successen… samtidig har han travlt med at planlægge sit bryllup, og han støder hele tiden på uforudsete komplikationer. For at få det hele til at lykkes, må han ty til hjælp fra sine venner på hotellet.

Masser af komedie og grin med blandt andre nyankomne Richard Gere. Oplev Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Bill Nighy og Dev Patel med flere. Hele herligheden er instrueret af John Madden, som blandt andet er kendt for Shakespeare in Love, med manuskript af Ol Parker.


Judi Dench

Maggie Smith

Bill Nighy

Dev Patel

Celia Imrie

Penelope Wilton

Ronald Pickup

Tina Desai

Diana Hardcastle

Lillete Dubey

Tamsin Greig

Shazad Latif

David Strathairn

Richard Gere

GDC Europe 2015

GDC Europe 2015: European State of the Industry Survey Shows Developers Picking PC over Mobile

**Survey Reveals European Game Makers Favor Android Over iOS
**VR Gains Traction As Interest in Crowdfunding Wanes

Cologne, Germany, July 6, 2015: Today, the Game Developers Conference (GDC) Europe has released the results of its third annual European State of the Industry Survey ahead of the event this August. Surveying more than 250 European games industry professionals who have attended GDC shows, read Gamasutra.com and/or plan to attend GDC Europe 2015 this year, the report sheds light on some fascinating trends, offering a European perspective on issues like which platforms are most appealing, the perceived value of crowdfunding game development and what the rise of VR means for the industry at large.

Organized by UBM Tech Game Network, GDC Europe 2015 will be held on Monday and Tuesday, August 3rd and 4th at the Congress-Centrum Ost in Cologne, Germany, co-located with Europe’s video game trade and public show gamescom. For the latest information on GDC Europe 2015 and to read the full report, visit: gdceurope.com/news/

Key Report Highlights 

PC topples mobile as the most popular platform, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gaining traction

– When asked about platforms, European game makers are most excited about the PC: 62 percent of those surveyed said the game they’re currently working on will see a PC release.

– 50 percent are bringing their current project to smartphones/tablets, while 23 percent are working on a game that will come to PlayStation 4 and just 20 percent are expecting to bring the game they’re currently working on to the Xbox One.

– What’s more, 46 percent of respondents said their last shipped game saw a PC release, followed by 40 percent who put their last game out on mobile and 16 percent who launched their most recent game on browsers.

– That’s a notable difference from last year’s survey, when once again 40 percent of respondents said they’d brought their most recent game out on mobile but only 38 percent had brought their last game to PC.

– Looking ahead, the PC seems likely to remain dominant in Europe: 67 percent of respondents said their next game will come to PC, while 53 percent are targeting mobile devices. 

– Interest in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is evening out in Europe, with 34 percent of respondents planning to bring their next game to PlayStation 4 and 33 percent planning the same for Xbox One. Last year, 42 percent of respondents said they were interested in PlayStation 4 and only 26 percent said the same about the Xbox One.

Android trumps iOS in terms of active development by European game makers

– For the first time in the history of the GDC Europe State of the Industry survey, respondents favored Android over iOS when asked which mobile platforms they were actively making games for: 63 percent said Android, 57 percent said iOS, and 32 percent said they weren’t working on any mobile games at the moment.

– For comparison’s sake, last year 67 percent of those surveyed said they were actively making a game for iOS, 62 percent said they were working on an Android game and 24 percent said they weren’t working on any mobile games at the time.

Interest in crowdfunding game development projects is dropping

– This time last year, few survey respondents (6 percent) were working on a crowdfunded game but almost half of them (42 percent) said they were planning to use crowd-sourced funding on their future projects. 

– Now, a year later, even fewer respondents (less than 5 percent) were developing games that had received crowd-sourced funding, and only 34 percent of respondents said they had plans to crowdfund future games. “Crowdfunding is no longer relevant for proper business cases, other than marketing and product awareness,” wrote one survey respondent.

– “It feels like we’re already way behind the curve, with crowdfunding campaigns nowadays being much more suitable for a final pre-release marketing push than for securing actual funding for the game,” wrote another. “Public expectations of how much a game’s development is ‘supposed’ to cost being as unrealistic as they are certainly doesn’t help.”

Most European developers aren’t making VR games, and those that are favor the Oculus Rift

– 73 percent of survey respondents said they weren’t working on VR games at all, while 22 percent said they were working on a VR game that would be released on Oculus VR’s Rift headset. 

– 7 percent of respondents are working on a game for Samsung’s Gear VR headset, while 6 percent are making a VR game that will come to Sony’s Morpheus headset and just 3 percent said they’re working on something that’s expected to release on Valve’s SteamVR system.

Oculus Rift and Steam VR are the most interesting VR platforms for European game makers

– But while SteamVR may not be a popular target just yet, many European developers seem excited about its potential; when asked which VR platforms interest them most as developers right now, 52 percent of respondents said “Oculus VR” and 38 percent said “SteamVR.”  Another 30 percent simply said “None.”

Europe believes there will be a long-term, sustainable market for VR game makers

– European developers seem to think virtual reality is more than a passing fad, with 71 percent of those surveyed saying they do believe VR is a long-term, sustainable market.

– “I think VR is the next leap in immersive gaming,” wrote one survey respondent. “However, we as a community have to find a way to sell the idea of VR to the gaming public in such a way that it will generate mass market appeal. Without that it will be difficult to sustain VR and fuel the advances it needs to become truly amazing.” Another opined that “I think it will be a successful peripheral market for games, but not a market in its own right for sustaining a games business.”

GDC organizers intend to field a similar survey next year in the spring before the show. Of this year’s survey respondents, roughly 29% hailed from Germany, 16% from the UK, 12% from the Netherlands, 10% from Sweden, 6% from Finland and 5% from Spain, with even smaller percentages hailing from other countries like Russia, Norway and Poland.)
Gamasutra and GDC are sibling organizations under parent company, UBM Tech.

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Kill for clicks

New Danish game turns the clicker genre on its head


Denmark July 3rd, 2015  – Idle Games IVS has now released their free browser based game, Idle Killer, to the public.


The clicker genre is known to be therapeutic and relaxing, with almost nothing to do for the player but click and watch, and then click some more.


With Idle Killer the player gets a bit of strategy, morbid and dark humour as well as a story added to the incredibly popular genre.


Boatema is a battle hardened African female with one goal: In a quest for world domination she seeks to erradicate the competition. The story is told with the aid of gorgeous artwork made by some of the worlds best comic artists.


Idlekiller can be played for free on Idlekiller.com, there are no ads, nothing to buy for real money, just the game. Idle Games hope to make the free game a big enough succes, so they can deliver a sequel and a mobile port.