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08 Aug 2017, Posted by tobiaspr in Newsroom

– Immersive virtual reality puzzles – Exploration! The elevator has heaps of stuff Roccmeier doesn’t want you to find – A rad achievement system that encourages multiple playthroughs and speed runs ROCCAT Studios, German peripheral manufacturer and recent member of the game development community, are reaching for…

Crytek’s debut virtual reality game is available now!

02 May 2016, Posted by tobiaspr in Newsroom

Experience an extreme new reality and the adrenaline of the ascent in The Climb The Climb from Crytek – Out now on Oculus Rift Frankfurt am Main (Germany) April 29, 2016 – Bringing the thrilling sensation of extreme free solo rock climbing home to players…

Crytek Announces VR First Partnership with IEEE

07 Apr 2016, Posted by tobiaspr in Newsroom

The IEEE joins growing list of high-profile partners for Crytek’s academic virtual reality initiative   Expanding the reach of its VR First academic initiative, Crytek today announced a new strategic partnership with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).   The IEEE is the world’s…

Download Crytek’s “Back to Dinosaur Island 2” VR Demo for Free

11 Mar 2016, Posted by tobiaspr in Newsroom

Players are invited to interact with another world in Crytek’s VR showcase Crytek released its Back to Dinosaur Island 2 virtual reality demo as a free download today, giving players everywhere the chance to experience the combined power of CRYENGINE and VR hardware.Back to Dinosaur Island 2 received a glowing reception when it…

Behind the scenes of Crytek’s gorgeous VR game

05 Feb 2016, Posted by tobiaspr in Newsroom

Crytek has released the first in a new series of video developer diaries for The Climb, the upcoming virtual reality game that lets players experience the heart-pounding adrenaline of solo free rock climbing.   Go inside Crytek to learn how a love of the real…

Crytek is ready for school

19 Jan 2016, Posted by tobiaspr in Newsroom

Crytek focuses on the future with new “VR First” Academic Initiative   Seeking to nurture grassroots virtual reality development worldwide, Crytek today announced the launch of its new VR First program.    Under the initiative, Crytek will partner with academic institutions to provide state-of-the-art technology…