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Warframe update: The Second Dream available now!

04 Dec 2015, Posted by tobiaspr in Newsroom

Latest update brings first cinematic quest, new Archer Warframe, and more! Proving once again that there’s never been a better time to be a space ninja, Digital Extremes is excited to announce the launch of The Second Dream, the largest and most ambitious update yet…

Superdextrous: ROCCAT Kiro is out now

03 Dec 2015, Posted by tobiaspr in Newsroom

Flexible ambidextrous gaming mouse starts selling today! Meet the Kiro and experience another highly modular gaming device made by Germany’s peripheral powerhouse ROCCAT. With its highly adaptive, superdextrous build, the game has been changed for ambidextrous mice. Perfectly optimizable for both left- and right-handed gamers out…

New Warframe plus Bonus Weekend announced

25 Nov 2015, Posted by tobiaspr in Newsroom

Greetings! Warframe is helping players prepare for the holidays this week with incredible savings and a new Warframe to tinker with. Starting today Wednesday, the Palatine Bonus Weekend begins. In addition, the mighty Wukong Warframe will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One players….

Maze Runner 2: Infernoet

24 Nov 2015, Posted by tobiaspr in Newsroom

Løb til butikkerne 28. januar 2016 Maze Runner 2: InfernoetMaze Runner: The Scorch Trials Danmark 2015.11.24 – Maze Runner 2: Infernoet Den fantastiske Maze Runner-saga fortsætter! Efter at have sluppet ud af labyrinten begynder Thomas og de andre “Gladers” at undersøge den hemmelige organisation, der går…

The all new ROCCAT Kova available now!

19 Nov 2015, Posted by tobiaspr in Newsroom

World’s first: Streamlined superdextrous mouse is available now! The all new ROCCAT Kova starts selling today across Nordic for 399 DKK 499 NOK, 499 SEK, 59,99 Euro! The new Kova features a sleek, ambidextrous design suitable for left- and right-handers alike. Built for power and speed, the…

Warframe – Big Reveal Coming December 2, 2015!

19 Nov 2015, Posted by tobiaspr in Newsroom

Greetings! Warframe, the free-to-play, co-op action game known for its major game-enhancing updates is wrapping up 2015 with its biggest one yet.  The Second Dream, launching for PC on December 2, 2015 is bringing a higher fidelity storytelling mechanic to the game in the form of a…

Crytek’s Back to Dinosaur Island available for free today

18 Nov 2015, Posted by tobiaspr in Newsroom

Acclaimed CRYENGINE VR Experience is Released Worldwide Trailer and free demo out now Available for download today, Crytek has released virtual reality tech demo Back to Dinosaur Island for free on Steam. Achieved with CRYENGINE, Back to Dinosaur Island debuted publicly at GDC 2015 in…

Sociable Soccer är nu live på Kickstarter!

12 Nov 2015, Posted by tobiaspr in Newsroom

Den spirituella uppföljaren till Sensible Soccer kommer till PC, Xbox One och PS4 – designat och skapat av Jon Hare, fotbollsspelens gudfader. Besök kampanjen nu: Sociable Soccer är ett fotbollsspel du snabbt kan komma igång med och som riktar sig till fotbollsfans från hela världen, designat och skapat av…

Leading online retailer blown away by pre-orders

07 Nov 2015, Posted by tobiaspr in Newsroom

Could Fallout 4 be Bethesda’s biggest game ever? Fallout 4 is easily one of the most anticipated games of the year. On November the 10th players all over the world can once again journey to the barren landscapes of Bethesda’s apocalyptic world. The newest installment…